Our Vision

Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd has a comprehendible yet coherent purpose – to maintain a key position as your trusted partner in Import and Export supplies. We hold that this is the most applicable method for the development of our business.

Assortment – to provide our customers with an extensive range of products that satisfy their demands
People – to provide a friendly and empowering environment to inspire our staff to reach their fullest potential
Productivity – to be an efficient and proactive organization maintaining our competitive edge
Logical – to ensure a smooth and straight-forward transactional process for our customers
Yes-minded – to show flexibility in our business to cater for a vaster range of operations

Our Values.

Humble Beginning is the Foundational Building Blocks of Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd.

For 16 years our purpose, our values and our principles have been the foundation that have and continue to support our growth and development through the years. Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd exists to assist people in the sourcing and logistical maintenance of wholesale products.



Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd strives to ensure continued research and development efforts are fulfilled to control our environmental footprint and establish ourselves as a sustainable business

Standard of Conduct

Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd operates within the previously mentioned values of integrity, trust, commitment, passion, and reliability that enables us to respect both the internal and external relationships that we preserve

Mutual Success

Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd appreciates that in conducting our operations correctly and efficiently for the business we will simultaneously build long-lasting and productive relationships with our clientele

Internal Leadership and Personal Responsibility

Prime Auto Motive Group Ltd places of key importance on our people. Our working environment embodies respect and a promotion of individual responsibility. Our team consists of competent and motivated people who share in the objectives of the wider organization.

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